Mirror modifier mistery

First post:D!

I’ve used the mirror tool many timers before without a problem. But in a recent file there’s something wrong and I don’t have a clue to what it is:

I’ve checked and rechecked to make sure every axis is in the right place (as far as I know), yet when I mirror, a need to choose Z in the modifier to get get the result I’d get when using the default X (mirroring to the left or right of the mesh). And when I mirror to Y, it mirrors “up”… And at the default X shows nothing. It is getting VERY irritating, because I don’t have a clue as to what it is.

Thank you!

Hi KingMob! Welcome to Blender Artists. When you add an object it has a Global as well as Local axis. If you added your object in side view for example, the Z-axis will be pointing towards you. Could this be confusing the situation?

The Local/Global button is after the Hand, the Traingle, the Ring and the little Square in the 3D buttons window…

You are absolutely right! And it makes sense, this way I can mirror a mesh in a weird position instead of being limited to the global axis.

Thanks a lot!