Mirror modifier not centered

Well it’s me again. For the second day in a row. I honestly have no idea why the mirror modifier and the symmetry along the X axis in sculpt mode are this off. I’ve tried putting the cursor back to the world origin and putting the coordinates to 0 but it’s still the same thing. It was as expected in the beginning but after a while of sculpting without the modifier on, I put it back on and it did this.

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Hey there.
By default Mirror Modifier (and Sculpting Mode) uses object’s Origin as a center, i.e. it’s local coordinates. You need to apply Rotation (Object > Apply > Rotation OR Ctrl+A > Rotation).

However, note that these two halves will overlap with each other, not merge into a single symmetrical mesh. If your intention was to sculpt one humanoid figure with symmetry then in might be better to:

  • delete mirror modifier;
  • in Sculpt Mode, under Symmetry there’s a Symmetrize button (with Direction: +X to -X);
  • continue to sculpt with X Symmetry.
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@stray The thing is that the symmetry is off in the same way as the mirror modifier and I can’t figure out what’s wrong

Do this :point_up:

@SterlingRoth i have and the rotation issue has been fixed but it still isnt in the center after trying the location option form the same place.

Looks like your mesh isn’t centered. Go into edit mode, select everything and move it to the center. Once the pieces line up pretty close, you’ll start getting some weird artifacts from the overlapping parts. Once you are happy with the alignment, delete the mirror modifier, and symmetrize in sculpt mode.

Orange dot represents the Origin. You can see it in the Layout workspace when selecting an object. Normally with humanoid characters it should be right under their feet (on the “floor”).

As an alternative to what the previous user suggests, you can also in Object Mode:
move the origin independently of the mesh (Options > Transform > Affect Only: Origins);
OR place the object in the right place relative to the World Origin and then Apply All Transforms.


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