Mirror modifier not working?

So i wanted to start a tutorial, but when i try to apply mirror modifier to the box (after i have cut the verts) it does not apply… nothing happens. Whats causing this? because its insanely annoying that something like that dosent work.

Can you supply a link to a blend file at the point when you apply the modifier

How do i supply you with a blender link tho? i mean, I just start blender (standard settings) I go into edit mode, do the cuts, delete the verts, apply the Mirror modifier… standard stuff, done it a million times before… but now it wont work. didnt work in .68 and dosent work in the newest version of blender.

Works perfectly for me but I assume it does not work perfectly for you so there is something different between my file and your file. How will anyone know what that difference is unless we can actually open it in our version of blender and have a look.

Upload your blend file (with modifier added but not applied) to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and then tell us the download link or attach it to your post with the forum attachment options or some of the million different file host services

Here you have it http://www.pasteall.org/blend/30967 hopefully you see the issue! because i dont :slight_smile:

You’re mirroring the X axis, i.e. mirroring right to left. You have deleted the back half of your mesh, as if you want to mirror front to back, but haven’t told your mirror modifier to do so. It is working fine, mirroring right to left. If you want to mirror front to back you should change the modifier to mirror the Y axis, not X. The normal way is to delete the left side and mirror x, not the back side and mirror Y, but whatever makes you happy/

I feel like an idiot now… the issue was so plane but i didnt pay attention to it… thanks! :slight_smile: No wonder it didnt work haha :smiley:

And now you see why we ask for a .blend file. :yes:

Can i ask you another question? I look at this Tutorial and i see him making the faces round… like the corners from front view, and i dont understand how he does it, because it dosent seem like that blender version have Visible selection thing on or off… so how do you know that your modelling all faces? its frustrating because i see nothing similar to my blender… and he says nothing about it…

What tutorial ?

Is it a subsurf modifier ? http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Modifiers/Generate/Subsurf
Or bevelling edges (Ctrl+B) ?

If you’re using an old tutorial for Blender 2.4 you should probably just ditch it and find a more recent tutorial. A link to the tutorial would help, especially if you tell us the timestamp when he does whatever you’re trying to do.

tp: 01:00 - 1:40 in fact it goes so fast, its hard to grasp anything really.

it is blender 2.6 aswell but i dont understand what his doing, because it dosent look like the vision thing is turned on, and i dont know how he can select the upper part and fix it downward. or if he just selects that 1 corner and fixes it… so its hard to follow through cus there isnt much explonation at all.

C for circle select, Right click to accept, , and O for proportional editing which moves other vertices near the ones you grab depending on the influence circle, then G for grab and move, left click to accept. For both circle select and proportional editing use the mouse wheel to increase and decrease the influence circle area.

If you are not familiar with these basic tools you should start with much simpler tutorials than this 2 hour+ project, no offense intended.

I am not a person to start on things that dont interest me, like making cups or boxes, or something xD but yeah if you have any tips on tutorials they are welcome for sure :slight_smile:

At some point before you are capable of reading Ulysses, you’re going to need to start with Dick and Jane or the Cat in the Hat. CG art is no different. Go make a cup or a box if it teaches you the basic tools.

Skipping the fundamentals just because the project doesn’t look cool enough is a serious mistake. It’s like students who skip their homework because it’s “too easy” and then go on to university where they find themselves hopelessly lost because they never took the time to learn the important stuff that they found boring. If you’re serious about learning this stuff, don’t cheat yourself by only doing tutorials that interest you. Always approach tutorials as a way of learning tools and techniques, not as a way of modeling a particular thing.

Blender Cookie has lots of beginner level modeling tutorials that cover those tools, including a whole series that is just an overview of the basics. http://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-courses/blender-basics-introduction-for-beginners/

I have in fact been member on cg cookie for a long time… :slight_smile: I did the Pilot character there, and everything… event he basics tutorial… but i havent done much box modelling… wich is why its confusing. and you need to pay for even the simpliest tutorials there… but they have more advanced once for free. such as the one where i need box modelling soo.