Mirror modifier problem. Please help

I’m having trouble with the mirror modifier. I can’t get it to mirror around the z axis, rather than a point.

The following keeps happening and I can’t change it or move it. Ex- when I move the original to the right, the mirror should go left, but it goes right. How is this fixed?



It always mirrors around the objects center (the large pink dot). You need to have that on the axis and it will mirror ok. Move the object to 0 on the z axis and then in EDIT MODE move the vertices back to their original position.

Even when I move the center to the axis, i thought movement in a direction would cause the mirror image to move in the other direction. same with rotation. instead they both move together in the same direction. how do i change this?

Go into edit mode. In object mode you are also moving the axis along which it mirrors so you don’t see any visible effect.
If you still have a problem, attach your blend file to your post.

Did you check “Clipping” on the Mirror modifier?