Mirror Modifier question


Trying to add eyes to a model I am working on and the mirror modifier doesn’t seem to be working. Trying to mirror the eye across the x axis and once it’s enabled, nothing happens. Any ideas. Thanks as always!!!


Try moving the mesh along the X axis in edit mode. The mirror modifier works relatively to the object’s origin. In object mode you’re moving the origin, and the mesh goes along with it.

Ah ha! Good call…thank you!

Hey everybody,

I am doing the Manga Girl tutorial by Karan Shah (http://cg.tutsplus.com/tutorials/blender/model-uv-and-texture-a-complete-manga-character-in-blender-day-1/)

I’m a newby but this was written for Blender 2.46 and I’m using 2.62. It says in a day but I’ve been going at if for 2 hours and just now trying to mirror the cylinder for the left calf.

Except I can’t make it work. The ‘origin’ at which the cylinder was created is still in the right place (about the belly button) but Mirror on x-axis in edit mode isn’t mirroring anything. I can move the cylinder but it’s not actually mirroring it when I finish.

I thought this was supposed to mirror on the x-axis (global) according to the origin.

When I do Mirror X Global in ‘Object’ mode the cylinder moves from the left leg to the right leg but when I try in in ‘Edit’ mode nothing happens.

I’m on the first part: 1. The Body

If in object mode the mesh gets mirrored correctly, but doesn’t in edit mode, then it means that the modifier isn’t visible in edit mode. Try toggling the “eye” icon on the Mirror modifier in the modifier list.

Thanks makes sense but I have this structure:


The top one is the origin that causes the cylinder on the leg to be mirrored in Object mode (not duplicated though, just moved). It is visible, selectable, and renderable.

The sub-object is the actual cylinder that can’t be mirrored in Edit mode. It is not visible, selectable, or renderable directly. It inherits these from the parent Cylinder ‘origin’.

I did try an ‘Add Duplicate’ and then moved that.

However it created something that was part of the original substructure Cylinder


Just as before except there were actually 2 cylinders.

I expected:


So I deleted it.

I tried to upload screen shots but they are not uploading.

In the tutorial video it is real simple he has the origin of the Cylinder selected and Object mode and mirrors. He then puts it in Edit mode to modify the mirror…and the interface is way different.


OK, thanks everyone.

My problem was there are in 2.6.2 a ‘mirror’ listed under the ‘Object’ menu and a ‘mirror’ listed under the ‘Edit’ meny and also on the far right at the top:

If I select the ‘Cylinder’ and then select the Wrench on the Icon menu underneath that it brings up ‘Add Modifier’ from with I can select ‘Mirror’ also.

The last one is the one I want (and looks to be the same thing the tutorial is showing).