Mirror Modifier Question

I’m trying to Mirror duplicate a sphere (eyes) from right to left with the 3D cursor in the center.
However, after applying the Mirror modifier, no sphere comes up on the left.

I think I’m doing something wrong, just not sure what. I’ve googled it but all shows cutting the obj in half and apply the mirror. Not what I’m after.

Appreciated for any help. Thank you.

What define the center of the mirror modifier symmetry is not the 3D Cursor, it is the Origin point of the model you want to mirror.

In that case the origin point is (logically) at the center of the sphere, so in fact your mirrored sphere is on top of the already existing sphere.

To do what you want, as you have already moved the 3D Cursor where you need, go to Object mode, select the sphere and click on the Origin button on the top of the toolshelf (the panel to the left of the 3D View)
Then in the popup that will follow select “Origin to 3D Cursor”

It will move the origin of the sphere to the location of the 3D Cursor.
The mirror modifier will then work as you want.

Ah right. I completely forgot about the orange dot… hahaha, no wonder.
Thank you so much Sanctuary. Appreciated for the detailed help.
Thumbs up!