Mirror modifier stopped working for me

So i was trying to mirror half of a cube that i created by loop cut in the center of the cube but when i go to modifiers and click mirror nothing happens can somebody pls help.
(I have just started today so if you could break the explanation down as much as possible that would be very much appreciated thanks)

Check you are mirroring on the correct axis
Ensure you have set it to be visible in the viewport (eye icon in modifier)
Apply any rotation (Ctrl+A)

The mirror modifier does not stop working, it’s just that your modelling is poor

Supply link to your blend file

Also the Tutorials is for completed tutorials only, what do you think all those other support forums are for !
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Make sure your origin point (orange dot) is in the centre of where you want your object to mirror. If it isn’t just enter edit mode, select everything with “a” once or twice and move it over. If that doesn’t work try what Richard Marklew said and apply the rotation. If it doesn’t work still, create a new cube and try it again. Otherwise make sure you have the latest version of blender.