Mirror modifier updating?

2.82: I was doing some modeling w/the Mirror Modifier, and it just wasn’t working. So I changed to a different scene in the same .blend file, and when I switched back to the mirror’d scene, lo and behold Mirror M. was working again.

So, I’m wondering: are there cases where the Mirro M. just needs to be reset by changing Scenes? and mostly: have other users seen this behavior?

(Obviously, this would be a bug.)

It’s hard to guess what can be the problem with a description like that.
My best guess is that your mirror modifier is set to be visible only in the object mode and not in the edit mode.

Would changing scenes turn it back on? 'Cuz that would be the question, since changing scenes ‘fixed’ it.

Besides, I use that button all the time, I’m pretty sure it was the first thing I checked.

can you anyhow reproduce this behaviour?

No, and you’re right, it’s not a proper bug until it can be replicated. :worried:

It very likely wasn’t the “Edit Mode” button you reference, but it WAS likely the next, triangular one (although I can’t be sure). I never use that button but may have turned it off by accident.

The balloon help labels it “On Cage”, which I don’t ‘get’ for the Mirror Modifier, but there it is.

Mystery solved, lesson learned(-ish).