mirror modifier v.2.40 alpha 2 not aligning correctly

trying out the new mirror modifier in v.2.4 alpha 2 I encountered this.
Here is the model without the modifier:

Here with the modifier:

You can see what happened here.
The miror used the middle point of the mesh which was the center of the first plane I was working with.
There seems to be no way I can change this.
So my question is:
Can I still change the center of my mesh so the mirror will align smoothly?


Iy assumes that the existing mesh (or whatever) is going to be one half of the final mesh once the 2 halves are joined. So snap the cursor to the centerline verts and move the Object Center to the cursor, then add the Mirror Modifier.

(As long as and until you click the “Apply” button, the mirrored half shares the Object Center with the real object).


Thnx man,
not only did I have to draw the center of my original plane to the center of the cursor, my original plane was rotated as well so I had to solve that problem too.
Hmm, rather messy this way.
Note to self: “make sure the original center is at the place where the mirror should center. Delete the first plane and start somewhere else”.

…Or just move the original plane 1 unit to the side.