Mirror Modifier - Vertex Groups option

Hi everyone,

Anybody knows what “vertex group” option, inside Mirror modifier, is used for? I know what vertex groups are, but I can´t understand what this option does. I made some tests, without success. Any example?

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I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s used when you are working with a symmetric model (like a character) and you start naming groups like “arm.L” or “low_leg.L” but if you use an Armature for rigging it only will work if you check that (because otherwise the armature won’t find any “arm.R” or “low_leg.R” vertex group since that geometry is “virtual” and only exist because you are using a modifier). But again, I don’t have my PC here…

@Poligonete interesting. I´ll make a test, and return. Thanks.

@Poligonete Thanks, man! I made a test and it worked! Withou this option, the armature is unable to “find” the oposite vertex groups.

Glad to know it works! This is why I love this software hehe :slight_smile:

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