mirror modifier view (one plane view only)

i’m trying to model a cartoon face; proportional front and side view out of a scan. The question is - can i set the mirror modifier in a way that it works only in one of these views?
hare omn

The answer is no. If you’re trying to add something completely different on the other side like say a different face or something just add a different object in object mode.

just dont want to have my project to be messed up. some people differ as their left / right side is concerned. i would like to concentate only on the one im working on, as i said im working on a cartoon face - and the two sides differ a lot. any hints?

O h thats easy. Just apply the mirror modifier on and click the eye for the modifier to make it so you won’t see it (make sure clipping is on). I fyou want one side to be a little differentlike say one eyebrow up, that is all done in rigging with armatures.

thanks for the answer. still not in riggin. progressing slowly but surely, now im concentrating on modelling, know what you mean, question is, is it possible to do it only in the modelling mode?


as for modelling - you split the editing widnow in half - you have front view and side view -
how to make two front views one with the mirror modifier and one without…

any wise one for the script N panel?

apply the mirror modifier, select the stuff you want to hide, and press H.

but it will hide in both panels then

there is no getting around that. what is visible or hidden is part of the mesh data, and that data is the same in all viewports. but what you can do is deselect everything, alt-H to unhide, then shift-H to hide everything that isnt selected. quick way to alternate.

The mesh is one object whether in a different window or not. Pretend that the two windows are clones that are connected physically. What happens to one side happens to the other kinda like algebra. If you want to do that they have to be two different objects completely.

The only way I see to do what you want is to have 2 objects, each on different layers. These will be different objects but share the same mesh data block. If you set each window to show local layers then you can show the two different layers at the same time, one in each window (mesh changes only update when switch back to object mode)
Overall though it seems an overly complex workflow
Example blend
Demo: http://screencast.com/t/odi9dKL2FDV


mirror_window.blend (62.9 KB)