Mirror Modifier with Shape Keys

Hi -

I’m new to this stuff so be gentle.

I’m trying to add a mirror modifier to a MakeHuman mesh which has Shape Keys and I get the error “Modifier cannot be applied to a mesh with Shape Keys”. Obviously this makes modelling doubly difficult and a bit of a pain.

It also happens with Boolean modifiers.

Can anyone help, am I doing something dumb or is this how things are.


Hello BLR,

I’m having a similar problem, I want to apply a mirror modifier while retaining the shapekeys, but it comes up with the message you spoke of.

If you are okay with removing the current shapekeys of the model, then you can delete the object’s shapekeys in the object data tab of the properties window. This page explains how:

The modifier will be able to be applied when the shapekeys are gone. Anyway, hope this helps. : D

I wrote a script to apply modifier on object with shape keys.

Script duplicates object (each duplicated object represents one shape key), removes shape keys from duplicated objects, applies modifier and join them back as shapes.


I owe you my life!

thank you man, omg you safe my life man


An error occurs at 2.81. Is there a newer version of the script?

This plugin wasn’t updated to work with blender 2.8. That being said there are right now 3 forks where script was changed to support blender 2.8.

Thank you very much, that help me so much, but I don’t know how to join my 2 object now in the same shape keys. All my thoughts !

also MY HERO, thank you !