Mirror Modifier

I have modeled a man for a game. I used the mirror modifier. How can I take the mirror modifier off, duplicate half the man and switch it and connect to the original half? I split several parts for texturing. Is it possible to, in edit mode, move a vertex and still have it connected to the original mesh?

as far as your issues with mirroring…this is something I dont understand in all the tutorials I’ve seen on any type of modifier. None ever teach you to apply the modifer. They imply you just leave it the way it is after clicking add modifier…which just isn’t the case.
Click on apply in the mirror modifer, and bam your half of a man with a mirrored half you cant edit is now one whole editable mesh. The modifer “box” will also disappear…this is normal…dont worry. There is also a key press to convert to mesh…but I can’t recall it of the top of my head

As far as your other question, I’m afradi I dont quite udnerstand it. You can always move a vertex and have it still remain part of the mesh…as long as prior to your moving it it WAS a part of the mesh. Does that answer your question? If not hopefully someone else will get the question…if not please elaborate.

The mirror modifier is the most often applied because it is a mesh tool . And you have to apply it to start adding the armature etc. Some of the others are also mesh tools but don’t need to be applied and in most cases shouldn’t be . There really is no point in applying the subsurf modifier unless you want a very dense mesh for some reason (well I do apply it actually but in the very beginning to give a cube a few more verts to push and pull) . And the rest are more animation tools then anything . Most modifiers shouldn’t be applied because once applied you can’t undo it once you save the file . The idea of a modifier stack is to act as a sort of history for the geometry .

If you split the parts and made separate objects, then no . If you just detached it while in Edit Mode somehow, then they are still one object though you won’t be able to pull a vertex on the main part since you won’t have a connection … You can via vertex parenting and the use of hooks link a vertex from one mesh object to another … though if this is a game model I’d advise against this . You would be better off just using one mesh object and applying the various textures and materials with vertex groups in the first place … If you decide to join the various parts now I think the last object selected takes over in the materials department though the materials/textures will be still there … so you can just create vertex groups and assign multiple materials from there . If you have UV mapped it I think the mapping will still work …