mirror modifier

Hi guys !
When I add “mirror modifier” to my cube I get an interesting render: http://www.andras2.extra.hu/mirrormod.JPG
Dirty…just a litle bit:confused: Whyyyy?:spin:

Sorry :smiley: I realised…I push the render button on mirror panel…but I have had another problem.

would be an mini tutorial :smiley: (sorry again)

Realized what? How does having the render button in the mirror modifier give you the dirty look on the cube. It may be obvious to you but not someone reading this.

the reason why it looks weird is probably that there are overlapping faces. The miror modifier mirrors through the object center, you need to move the entire object on one side of the center (or at least make sure there won’t be any overlapping faces after mirroring. In those images the object center is placed in the middle of the cube, which causes overlapping faces because the stuff on the right gets mirrored to the left and vice versa.

Yes. It it truth. I try the MirageStudio’s tutorials…the “Low poly modelling”. But this is not work for me. How can I place the object center to side of object? . It will be always overlaping…

OK … :slight_smile: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=57391