mirror modifiers and shapekeys don't mix

Hello Blender Users,

So here is the situation. I started the model with the mirror modifier, rigged it with the armature modifier, created shape keys, and then ran into a wall when I couldn't apply the mirror modifier. :( Apparently, you can't apply the mirror modifier when it has shape keys.
I was hoping that I could duplicate the shape key and create left and right vertex groups and assign the shape keys to them. The shape keys affect the mesh the way I want it to, so I would like to keep them if at all possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

have a look at this video


I think it will be possible to duplicate the mesh - apply the deformation
and then convert each shape key back to the original mesh (after you apply the mirror)
you will have to make a copy for each shape key


Hey waylow,

Thank you for that great link. I prefer to create Shape Keys on a duplicate mesh, but I didn’t know about a blender script. It is working great for what I need.

it’s pretty easy to get it all back to front
but that’s why they invented Ctrl Z

glad it’s working