Mirror Modifiers Causing odd dimples/creases

This is driving me crazy, I’ve been searching online for hours, maybe I’m not looking at the right places, for some reason when I apply mirror modifiers I always get a crease in the middle, so I end up with this weird dip/dimple running straight down the middle of whatever model I’m attempting to create, for example this model here:


In this case I lucked out with it not causing the crease on the head (using resulting in my models looking like “butt faces”) but not there is a massive dip on the inside of the neck, also on the back, yet seems to not appear anywhere else.

I’m providing the .blend file as well made with Blender 2.5


Any ideas or a solution would be great, yes I am applying the mirror prior to the subsurf and activating “do clipping” , however I achieve similar results even doing it differently.

you have a rouge edge inside the neck

just select the edge then delete it

I’m sorry, what is a rough edge? and where is it located?

he saig rouge but probably meant to say rogue, meaning it is not supposed to be there… like he said, select the edge in that area and delete, if it doesnt work then undo and view your mesh in wireframe and examine the area to see whats causing the problem

I found the problem, there was a random set of two edges inside of the head, once I removed them the mirror came our fine.

sorry - Techx was correct
I made a typo

glad you got it fixed