Mirror non-bone animated objects?

I’ve animated a mesh that has limbs which don’t require bones and I’ve finished one side, now I need to duplicate/mirror those limbs with their animations intact to the other. How do I proceed?

Are the limbs seperate mesh objects, or do you use shape keys to deform them?..
Im wondering how the limbs are animated without using bones.

separate mesh objects. Beginning to think this just isn’t doable, I’ll probably need to redo the animation with bones.

It is possible.
You can duplicate the object, mirror mesh, then tweak keyframes.
But i think moving armature bones would be much easier to animate and manage.

well i almost got it. I parented one limb to an empty at the center position, then just flipped it on the x-axis. But now I can’t unparent or delete the empty without having the mirrored limb revert back to the other side (I am using keep transformation).

If I don’t figure it out though I guess I can always reposition a duplicate over it for each keyframe.