Mirror - Objects rendered deformed ("funny mirror")


I am in a dead end (newbie’s corner :wink: ). Please see attached picture.

  1. Rendered reflection is deformed although the mirror is flat. I probably something messed up, but I can’t find what (have been trying to solve it for 2 days :-D).
  2. This is something I don’t understand at all. Compare the rendered view on the left with the blenders view on the right - can you find a difference?? :smiley: :-D. Yes, the ball is on the other side!! The rest of the picture appears to be fine, that is a complete mystery.

EDIT: as per (2), I found out that the picture is flipped. Though I can’t find where to reset it.



Did you like, scale your camera by -1 or something? That’s freaky.

Try adding a fresh camera and maybe just position it with camera-view fly-mode (shft-F, move like a fps more or less, instuctions on the dashboard)

Yeah, the new camera is OK, picture not flipped. But the reflection is still weird, like the flat mirror was a ball or something…

Looks more like an environment map to me. Are you sure that is ray traced mirror?

Well, there shouldn’t be any map assigned…