Mirror only one side

Hi, I’m learning how to use bender and would like to know if there was an easy way to make it so that only one side mirrors. For instance if I had mirror along x axis then the +x side would be mirrored but the -x side would be ignored. The reason I ask is because I’m currently playing with the skin modifier and the +x side gets mirrored onto the -x side and the -x side gets mirrored onto the +x side resulting in the middle having two skins, one underneath the other.

If the skin modifier mirrors from -x to +x. Why would you even use another mirror modifier? :stuck_out_tongue:

By mirroring across x it mirrors both -x to +x and +x to -x. I wanted to know if there was a way to ignore +x.

For instance in the first image a cube with mirror around the x axis results in a ugly shape since both +x is mirrored to -x and and -x is mirrored to +x. If only +x was mirrored to -x while-x was ignored, as in the second image, the shape would be simple and easier to sculpt.


resulting in the middle having two skins, one underneath the other.

I am not sure exactly what you are seeing. But two conditions come to mind. First, mesh detail is crossing over the mirror axis. That will show up as overlap. To correct that, turn on Clipping in mirror modifier property.

Second thing is having face right on mirror axis. If you do that, you end up with two faces. Try this. Turn off mirror display; the eye icon in mirror modifier property. There should be a hole where object mirrors.

Exactly, the problem is mesh detail crosses over the mirror axis and I would like 1/2 of it to be ignored (deleted) using the modifiers. The problem with clipping is 1) it results in deformation (as in the first image) and 2) it requires you to enter edit mode. However if I am using the skin modifier (as in the second/third image) I cannot use clipping until I apply the modifier.

Is there a modifier which masks everything one one side of an axis?