mirror paradoxum

Hello Blenders,

last night - a very, very simple scene…just an experiment how many light bounces i need to create my reflections - at the end -> max. 25

For this scene the minimum, because if you render it with the standard of 8, the 9th reflection will be a black plane.

The materials are just white to black, i also tried to render a b&w (no color) scene.

Rendertime 6 hours and 8 minutes at 2000 samples (1080 x 1600) and a lot of white noise because of the glass…
Hope you like the idea, the modeling was not the main focus on this picture and there are no textures at all
The name of the pic is simple -> “paradoxum” because you can’t see yourself/the photographer

I like the idea and the execution :slight_smile:

Thank you! But now I really wish there where textures :wink:

No, I think its great without textures. Creating infinite reflections is kind of a primal thing in the mind of a 3D artist and you’ve managed to create art out of it instead of just a test scene.

If you were to texture anything, then I think the rafters could be made to look like an old wood and that would make it look more real.

Also Thanx deltaray! Yeah wood textures would push it - but maybe you are right, it doesn’t have to look real - it’s surreal, i leave it the way it is - with a much better feeling!

I like the concept, never tried myself though. I also like the black and white render :slight_smile:

Oh the irony of only thirteen reflections in simple curved space. Looks great. Joe

Thank you very much for your feedback!