mirror problem in baking (beware: noob)

Hello everyone!
i write here, cause i have a (small) rendering problem
when i bake a texture and use the Ray mirror it seems the rendering is not complete but on the baked texture only, not in rendering mod.
i tried several settings but everytime i use this mirror it’s the same :confused:

tried to search here and on the web but… nothing, someone can help ?? please

(( hem… sorry i’m a REAL noob ( started 3d and blender 2 days ago ) so please don’t use too hard word :frowning: ))


Looks to me like there’s 2 meshes in exactly the same position… I’d say… don’t try to bake a mirror object.

It really doesn’t make sense to bake reflection and speculars because they are view-dependent, so the code doesn’t do it. Think about it - the reflection changes when an object moves in its environment.

If you really want to “bake reflections,” you’ll have to use environment mapping, or shoot an image of your scene from the pov of the reflective surface and map it back to the surface as an image texture.

No, I get these exact same triangular artifacts when I bake sometimes as well, especially when reflection baking is involved. I think it’s safe to say it’s a bug.

CD38- You’re right, it’s all view dependent, but baking can also be used to optimize a render in just one view.

actually it’s to make “latex” clothes textures for a game ( wich of course can’t render speculars and mirror ingame ) i was using the mirror just because it looks better… on the render it does at least. i’ll try to to it as texture thanks for the answers.

( too bad if it’s a bug :(( )