mirror problem

Im having trouble with a blend file(just one file). With objects currently in it and new ones added. Vertices are mirroring movement on the X axis in edit mode as if sculpt mirror was stuck on.

I think its sculpt mirror as I tried same file in old blender version without sculpt and it works ok. Tried saving it and bringing it back to new blender version and still got same problem. Ive tried turning sculpt X mirror on and off and still not working.

Is there something obvious Im missing or just file bugged ?

In the ‘editing’ (F9) panel in the ‘Mesh Tools More’ tab there’s a button ‘X-axis mirror’ see if that’s on

Gah, cant believe I didnt see it. I did look through each panel but somehow missed it. Thats exactly what it was. Not sure how I turned it on.

Thanks a lot.