Mirror Problem :(

i just simply started with a circle and rotated it 45 degree angle…then i selected some edges and extruded twice …but i wanna mirror this in " Y " direction


but when i gave it a mirror modefire and set the direction to the " Y " it went up side :confused:

plezz help me thanx

You’ve got two problems here - one is that the origin of the mirror is wrong, the other is that the direction is wrong.

The center of the mirror is the origin of the mesh - that little blob in the center of your circle. Select on of the vertices on the left of your mesh, where you want the mirror to attach, and press Shift S and click Cursor -> Selection. Go to Editing (F9) and click on Center Cursor in the Mesh panel.

The second problem, the angle, is even easier to fix. In Object Mode, press Ctrl+A and select Scale and Rotation to Obdata.

ohhhhh thanx dude i’ll check it :slight_smile:

yea it worked dude just triend :smiley: thanx