mirror problem

check the file

there a mirror on this head but not shown in F9 and there is no UV either

so how come this is not shown in F9?

see file

because it’s a mirrored linked duplicate… you can see number “2” in the links and materials tab which means the mesh is shared between the two objects

ok so this i linked and act like if it was like the mirror modifier

but how can you link with mirror ?

if i modify one side the other folows
may be cause it’s linked


it’s not a mirror modifier, it’s a linked duplicate (alt-D)
review this page to know what a linked duplicate is http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Modelling/Objects/Duplication

linked duplicates by definition allow you to modify the object properties without affecting the underlying mesh… you are allowed to mirror the duplicate the same way you’re allowed to move it, rotate it, scale it…

i used the Alt D before it’s very usefull sometimes

but i still don’t see how to get the mirror from that duplicate

i read the page again and don’t see how it is specified ?

i’d like to be able to redo it but don’t know how to !


ctrl-M, then the axis of mirror

ok so this would be sort of a manual mirror with Ctrl-m

but then how does it do the edit mirror like if it was the mirror modifier?

i tought that the manual mirror did not work in edit mode only in object mode
and after it it was done that’s all not like the mirror modifier!

and is there a location in blender where you can see this mirror being activated for a link object ?