Mirror reflection as light source (very Noobish question)

Wasnt sure how to phrase this, and I’ve been searching the forum quite a bit already with no luck.

Basically I want to take a mirror surface, shine a light at it, and then have the reflection of that light strike a solid surface and light it up.

Is this even possible?


I would think, the spotlight should reflect off the mirror surface and illuminate the back side of the cube.

Ultimately what I wanted to do was to have a mirrored ball reflect the spotlights and put tiny spots all over the environment, just like a dance floor mirrored ball does. This test was to just see if it was worth the time to try and build the mirrored ball mesh.

I’d fake it by applying the same texture to all objects in the scene, a black and white texture that has the same tiny spots, squares, you see in a disco. Then make the black transparent and make the texture apply to Col (white) or Emit. This will probably make some nice spots.
You can make the texture “global” by putting in an Empty that covers the entire scene and mapping the spots texture to Object: Empty.