Mirror reflection in EEVEE

I cannot find the elegant way to make reflective material using EEVEE. In Cycles reflectivity is just a question of roughness of material, like in the real world. But Cycles are very slow to render.
For example to make mirror in EEVEE - what I found so far is some reflection plane or cubes which seems to me like a workaround but not proper solution. Reflectivity should be property of material, not another object in the scene, no? Besides that those reflectivity planes and cubes are not working much for me, sometimes yes, mostly not correctly.
Thank you very much.

The price you pay for faster renders is a more awkward setup.

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So this strange reflection planes and cubes are really the only way to get reflections in eevee?

Pretty much. There is some very early groundwork being laid for realtime raytracing in Eevee, but that is probably years away at this point.