mirror selection?

i’m trying to do the mirror selection like in modo. where you can activate the mirror (x axis for example) and when you select an edge on one side it automaticly selects it on the other side too…

now i tried the modifier-mirror in blender and it works. but when i unwrap the model only 1 side of the model gets unwrapped and it seems that the mirror selection didn’t go further into the unwrapping.

any ideas/ suggestions?

In MeshTools1 tab in F9, bottom right, X-Axis Mirror, but it won’t work on a Mirror Modifier since the mirrored half isn’t real geometry.


but will it work when unwrapping?

the reason why i ask for this option is that i want to save some time selecting edges.

I use the mirror modifier all the time. I never join the 2 halves until the very end. UV mapping isn’t a problem, I UV map the “real half” then when I finally do join the 2 halves both sides look the same (The UV map gets applied to the mirrored half of your object).

omg, MBX, igualmente!

I have a head i’m working on right now with seven levels of multires, and because of its bizzare shape, I have to add alot more seams than usual. anyone know how to do this?