Mirror/Symmetry Clamp Point on Axis?


Is there a “clamp point on axis” feature when working on mirror/symmetry?
Basically, it restricts you to move a point (not just an object) to a specific axis.
It helps me when I’m doing a retopo on the middle part of an object.

You can see what I am after in this illustration:
Dropbox Link


Doesn’t GX/GY/GZ work for you?

Thanks @Anthony_Forwood
It does but it affects all the points.

The video above, although not shown, affects only the points exactly at the axis/mirror position but not all other points.

The clipping option in the mirror modifier does that.


Thanks for the response.
I think I miss this one out since I thought it was not working as expected. It turns out my mesh was not dead set in the middle of the world axis.

That would stop it from working as expected. Your welcome.

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