mirror that works?

i have looked everywhere
i find glass
but i need a real mirror!
no i am not the reflective sort
just want to show the back of the object as well as the front in Render while i try things.

An inexpensive way of doing that is activating Ztransp and then lowering the alpha value. It won’t look that nice but is really helpful for preview renders.

Edit: I’ve re-read your post and now I’m a bit confused about what you’re looking for…dunno if what I said will help you.

quite simple really - i assume
the pictures shows a plane that i need to be a mirror to see what the back of the figure looks like


Ray Mirror? Unless I’m totally misreading your request, enabling ray mirror on the material settings for the plane will turn it into a physically accurate mirror (in terms of reflections).

Again, I’m with Sick, in that I’m having trouble understanding what you want.

  1. Add a material to the plane - I just left my material the default grey

2)There is tab in the material section - in the 2.49 default config its embedded in the shader tab (I think, at least on my system) - called Mirror Transparency. In that tab, push down the Ray Mirror button, and move the RayMir: slider to its maximum position.

  1. Go to the “Scene” section and with that section to the “Render Buttons” subsection where the “Render” button is at. Right below the render button, make sure the render engine is “blender internal”.

  2. Right next to the Render button, make sure the button labeled “Ray” is pushed in. If its not, RayMir will not be calculated by the render pipeline. Its set up that way so that you can configure your materials the way you want them for the final render (for example, as a mirror), but you don’t have go through the expense of the calculations if you just want a preview render.

  3. Press Render

Thanks Jdavenport
see attached.
can i make the image brighter?
i put in a lamp -no better.



here is the same scene with other objects
( i was trying to get it below the <1Mb blender post size)

thanks all


You can get it brighter than that, for sure. On a test render I just did, the mirrored object looks like its a complete other copy of the object (as far intensity goes).

But I can’t tell you why yours isn’t doing the same as mine. Too many variables. My GUESS is that your alpha value on the plane is not set to 1, because it looks like some of the sky is coming through the back of the mirror. You would use that setup if you were trying to duplicate a reflection in a store window, for example. Looking at your original picture of the plane, it looks like some sky is coming through that as well.

Check your alpha value on the plane.

thanks again
you solved it