mirror the pose?

I have applied the mirror modifier to the leg mesh.
when it comes to bone i have extruded w/an x-axis mirror…
I was hoping to set up a pose and also mirror it on the other side. But so far have not been able to.
I can’t imagine that here isn’t a way.
As you can see in the image i rotated one of the leg bones on the y-axis how do i get the bone on the other side to mirror that?

Thank you for the advice in advance.

Select the bones and click on the bottom menu on Pose -> Copy Pose (or CTRL+C) , or click on the copy pose button :

Then click on the bottom menu on Pose -> Paste X-Flipped Pose (or SHIFT+CTRL+V) , or click on the paste x-flipped button :

note : it’s only X-flipping, it does not Z-flip or Y-flip the pose unfortunately

Thank you!
Will go and try it out.