Mirror then Recalculate Normals.

I do mostly modeling, a lot of low lever modeling I guess you could
call it ( working with verts, Spin, Snap etc…) and I use
Ctrl + M a lot. The problem is, is that I’m having to repeatedly use
Recalculate Normals Outside.

Now I do use the Mirror Modifier and that seems to never flip
the Normals inside. Why doesn’t Blender just automatically point
the normal(s) out?

Add a plane in top view ( z axis ) and then in Edit mode
duplicate it, move it over to the right along the X axis and mirror
it along the X axis and the Normal will be flipped.

That Mirror action is not flipping it. It is just Mirroring it along
the X axis and logically the normal should be pointing up
just like the other one. It does that in Object mode so why
not in Edit Mode?

If you have some constructive advice on how to avoid all that
or mature comments about changing my modeling habits then
I welcome them.

Thanks for reading and take care. Peace!

Jeff A.

Ha ha.

Yep it makes no sense! Personally I ctrl-f—>flip normals as I don’t trust “recalculate outside”

It’d be nice if someone fixed it, but I’m not losing any sleep!