Mirror without ray-tracing?

Is there a way of creating reflective floors without using ray-tracing? I’ve seen computer games where it was done in real time (Deus Ex for example).


Environment mapping ?

Wow, awesome! Thanks!

some games also use a camera & take that view & put it on the object with the “reflection”. To give a fake reflection.

I changed my method to env. mapping. It places another camera below the floor and projects it’s view. What’s funny about it is that it takes longer to render than ray-tracing. I have an option to use a plane (one render) or cube (6 renders) for the ‘fake’ camera. If I choose the first one, the reflection is messed up when I use a low camera angle. The ‘cube’ works fine, but takes much longer.

The blurry reflection looks actually better than the ‘real’ one (I set the buffer to 1024px), so I’ll leave it. It would probably take the same amount of time to blur a ray-traced reflection.