My mirror is not working correctly (the modifier). When I create the modifier, and choose do clipping, and grab a set of vertices, the mirror seems to pull inwards; when I pull outwards. Can anybody help me please?

I think what your doing is looking at the mirrored vertices when your moving them when you need to be looking at the original vertices. Perhaps this image will help:


Essentially what is happening is that Blender is making the vertex on the left mirror the movement of the vertex on the right… the one on the right will move where you move your cursor.

Hopefully this makes sense and I haven’t misread your post.

Exactly how do you do that? Every vertice I pull, the mirror goes OUT and IN as well as the vertice I pull (OUT and IN). Could you pelase explain in a bit more detai how to resolve this situation?

Well there isn’t really a way to resolve this ‘situation’ as it is simply the logical behavior. Think of it as looking in a mirror. If you move your hand away from the mirror then the hand in the mirror appears to move away from you. Are you saying that (imagining the hands are vertices) you’d like the mirrored hand to move towards you (i.e. move in the same direction as your real hand)? If so this cannot be achieved with the mirror modifier activated as it would defeat the purpose of the mirror modifier (that purpose being to ‘mirror’ the movement of the original vertices so that you end up with a symmetrical model). As far as I know the only way to do what your saying, if I understand correctly, would be to apply the mirror modifier.

Sorry if that was a bit confusing. The question is, do you want your model to be symmetrical? Because what your saying you want to happen will make it unsymmetrical - which would make one wonder why you used a mirror modifier in the first place.