Mirrored (or linked texture) problem when texturing.

I had drawn only one “X” on the left cheek and Blender rendered the other “X” on the right cheek.

Of course I mirrored the other half of the face to make it whole, however there is still some sort of “linking” going on, that needs to be removed.

When drawing the texture in PaintShop, the UVmap looks good, However everything on the left is ignore and mirrored from the right when rendered in Blender.

In certain circumstances this could be a good thing, but not with this particular project.


is it all one mesh? if so, then i suspect you have 2 instances of the same material mapped to the object. go to f9 buttons, and delete all the surplus materials.

I figured it out already.

I deleted half of the head and mirrored it. Totally forgot about the previous UVmapping.

Fortunately I have duplicate backup files on disk and Jumpdrive.

The strange thing is, the mirrored half of the mesh is exactly on top of the other half. And, in UV\Editmode, I can select a single vertex and move it with the other vertices connected to it.