mirrored pose

Hey, im new, so im having a very dumb problem. i’ve created a character using mirror modifier. i have added armature to it. but when i pose the character, due to mirror, the opposite limb also changes its pose even though its bone doesnt move. i hope ive made myslef clear. i mean to say, if i move the bone - left elbow - then even though the right elbow bone is not moving, the arm moves. please help.

First you need to apply the mirror modifier to your mesh in Object Mode (just hit the “apply” button in the modifier stack) . If you have assigned vertex groups to a bone with the mirror modifier not applied, then you have to remove the mirrored vertex group from the vertex group on the mesh you want to control, i.e. if you currently have bone.L (your original mirrored mesh) then you will have to remove the vertex group you want bone.R to control and then create a new vertex group for bone.R .
You should not assign vertex groups before you have finished modeling and have applied the mirror modifier … If you think you might want to modify the mesh later you can always turn on the X Axis Mirror function in the Mesh Tools 1 panel and it will behave like the mirror modifier except you cannot add or remove vertices like you can with the modifier as long as the mesh is symmetrical …

hey, thanks. i never knew that ive got to do something like “apply” looks like i didnt go through the tutorial completely. lol. thanks