Mirroring a Bezier Curve

Hi all,

I just started using Blender. Because I have a Laptop running Ubuntu and an ATI X1400 in it, I have to use the 2.5b version (because of Triple Buffer Window Draw Method). Unfortunately there are not many tutorials which use this version, but I’m sure they will become available soon.

My first project is the modelling of a Meeple (a board game piece from the game Carcassonne). I added a background image, and traced the outline of the meeple using several connected Bezier Curves: http://redpanda.nl/Blender1.png

So far so good, but now I’m stuck. How can I close the curve? In an old tutorial I read “press C”, but when I do this, a circle appears around my cursor. When I use “S” (read that somewhere else), a new curve is created which is scaled by moving the cursor. So, how can I close the curve?

Second, I only modelled half of the outline, because I would like to mirror the curve. When I try to mirror it, and press “Apply” in “Object Mode”, the error “Cannot apply constructive modifiers on curve” appears? The two most left vertices have x position 0 (see figure above). How should I solve this?

Finally, when the complete outline would be ready, I would like to extrude it. Before I do this, the outline should be filled right - i.e. it should be a surface instead of a curve. Where can I set this? Is it possible to do this with a Bezier Curve, or should the curve be transformed to a mesh?


If you use Alt+C to convert to a mesh it will also apply the mirror modifer at the same time (if you don’t mind using a mesh object for future modelling of your object). Make sure yo set the curve resolution as you need it in the curve panel