Mirroring a curved object


I’m still pretty new at blender and I ran into a problem while working on a little project of mine.
I’m trying to make some sort of cutting device and I’ve used the curve deformer to curve one side of the scissors. Now I wanted to make the other one by duplicating and mirroring but when I do that, I end up with a completely different shape. It just doesn’t work. Anyone have an idea on how to make it work? Or maybe some ideas on how to make scissors another way?


It would help to understand the question better if you post an image of what you have done.

You could try applying the curve modifier. Otherwise you will have to mirror the curve as well as the object.

That’s probably a good idea. Here’s an image which shows where I am right now. I took a basic cube mesh and modeled it into shape. Then, I applied a Catmull-clark subsurf and tweaked the model some more. After that, I made a simple bezier curve to apply the curve modifier to my model, after which I gave the model a few last tweaks. That gave me the selected situation: curve and curved model. And then I selected both, duplicated them and tried mirroring. That’s where it went wrong. Mirroring didn’t work out.

Oh, wait a minute! I think I just got it. Yep, I had to rotate my duplicate object and curve around the y-axis over 180° AND place my duplicate object on the other side of the curve to get it right. It now looks like it should:

If both halves are exactly symmetrical, you can also try the mirror modifier.
Any changes on one side will be updated to the other.

Yes, you have to maintain the relationship between the curve and the object.

I’ll keep that in mind for future projects, thanks for helping!

EDIT: little question though: is it possible to parent the curve to the object or something, so I don’t have to select both when I want to change the position or orientation of the scissors without changing its shape?