Mirroring an animation?

Is there a way to mirror a complete animation?

I am making a pair of horse gallops. With horses, the hoof fall pattern tends to be either clockwise, or counter clockwise. I need one of each. If I could mirror the whole animation, I would not have to create a new one from scratch. I’m exporting in a .anim format. Is there a way to do this, either in blender or in another program?

Thank you very much for your help.

Yes, in pose mode, all the way to the right, there are three buttons. The rightmost button will flip your copied pose.

Paste X-flipped pose works only on the pose of one frame. That means you have to repeat this frame by frame. This was so annoying that I wrote an add-on to perform this on the whole action. I released it yesterday and hope I’m not too late to save your nerves :wink:

See my blog post Flip Animation Add-On for Mirroring Keyframes in Blender which includes a video tutorial and the download link.

You can use it either to mirror the whole action or to mirror just a specified range and append the mirrored keyframes at the end for example to complete a running cycle when you have animated the first half.