Mirroring and Grid snapping.

Before I start this post I would like to mention that this is my first day using blender and I am 100% newbie and fresh off the market ;). I would also like to mention that this is the most frustrating program I have ever worked with, but I’m not giving up! It can make 3D games, models, and animations and that’s just too awesome! I just hate being like this guy :x while I’m trying to learn all of the controls.
I’m new so I want an easy way to move things around. Is there a way I can turn on grid fitting for when I drag objects around instead of having to go and hit ‘n’ every time I need to go even things out? Maybe to fit each object to within one tenth of a unit.
And how do you mirror objects? By mirroring I mean duplicating a selected object and flipping it along a specified axis.

holding the CTRL key constrains movement to grid units. CTRL-SHIFT constrains to tenths of a grid unit. Mirroring is the M key, which poops up a window asking for the axis to mirror over (this is the new way to do it, some old tutorials will tell you S key, then X, Y, or Z. That doesn’t work anymore)

welcome to blender! once you get started, its a really great program :slight_smile: .

A good place to start is the documentation

try out some tutorials as well and you’ll be on your way.

Also you can press Shift+S->Sel to grid to snap the selection to the grid - if you have several things selected (eg several verts) then they all move to their nearest grid spot.

To mirror a duplicate, then in object mode press Shift+D, Esc, Ctrl+M (the esc cancels the move operation that starts when you duplicate)
Alternatively you can use Alt+D which will create an “instanced” copy - so if you edit one, both sides change.

Something that will make it a lot easier in the long run is to select all the verticies along the axis you want to mirror on, then press S, X, 0, enter (or whatever axis is appropriate) to make the axis totally flat. Then press Shift+S->Cursor to selection, this will move the cursor to lie on the axis. Then in object mode, in the editbuttons (F9) press Centre Cursor, this will move the object centre to lie on the axis. This way when you mirror it the duplicate should already be in the right place, and when you join them later (with Ctrl+J) the seam should line up exactly so you can easily just select them and go W->Remove Doubles to stitch the seam.

That sounds a little complicated, don’t you think? Would’nt it be simpler to set the pivot point to “Cursor” and after placing the cursor perform the mirror? This way you don’t have to worry about change the object’s center point.

Sure, you could do it that way, but the position of the centre is something you should always keep in mind, moving it to the axis can help with things later.

And as a bonus it means that both the object and its mirrored duplicate are in the same place (eg in the nkey panel)