Mirroring as a group

i want to mirror this robot leg as a group [ not as a single mesh coz hope to animate it in future ]…actually mirroring part by part is very annoying :frowning: …how can i do it thanx ?


ohhh i just found a good way to do it …

first select all the parts of the leg and press Ctrl + j to join them
then u can mirror it as usual [ in this case along “Y” axis ]
then after that apply the mirror modefire permanently by clicking on the apply button in mirro modefire panel
the nselect the legs and go to edit mode
then select all and press “P” to separate; so now it will show a drop down menu and select "all loose parts "

you are done ! thanx

Mirror using Mirror or using the Mirror modifier?

If it’s the first, all you have to do is place the cursor in the middle (Shift+C), set the pivot to the cursor ( . ) and Ctrl+M away.

If it’s with the modifier, place the cursor in the middle again, select all objects and in Editing (F9) -> Mesh press Center Cursor. Now the Mirror modifier will mirror across the middle. Give one object the modifier, then select all objects with the Mirror one last, press Ctrl+C, select Modifiers and then Mirror.

thank you very much Zwebbie