mirroring bones

Im creating my armature at the moment, and have come across a problem- my mesh is perfectly mirrored, yet when I use extrude create bones for the arms, the bones go out of sync, ie they are running through the middle finger on the left side, but half way out of the middle finger on the right.

doesn any body else have a problem with this?

anyway so now I am trying the mirror bone option, so I select the arm chain on the left hand side, shift D to duplicate, Ctrl M + X to mirror along the x axis, but instead of mirroring it across the x=0 axis, it creates a mirror image, but keeps the whole thing on the left had side of the rig, on top of the other arm chain- so both arm chains are on the left hand side.

How do I get it to position the mirrored arm chain on the right hand side

All I can think of for the first issue is that the names of your bones are messed up. Try going through and making sure that the names of all bones match on the left and right, and that the left ones end in .L, with the right ones ending in .R.

The second issue is simple. Ctrl+MKey mirrors across the current “pivot point.” Make sure you have the pivot point set to be the 3D cursor (hotkey period), and that the cursor is in the center (Shift+CKey). Then, Ctrl+MKey should mirror to the opposite side of the armature, because it’s on the opposite side of the 3D cursor.


Isn’t this the 3D cursor? (I know, picky picky picky…:slight_smile: )

Yes. Yes it is. But my screenshot is more helpful, because it shows the icon that ave is probably looking at, where as your shot shows the icon that (s)he wants to be looking at. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, pixelmass. :yes:

thanks guys, that was the reason that the rig wasnt mirroring…
I also found the reason why the bones were out of sync-its because the parent spine bones weren’t on the x=0 axis, they were slightly off centre