Mirroring Cartoon Mouth Rig?

(Yukari) #1

Say I had a model with a mouth that changes sides on the character’s face. Is there any way to mirror just the mouth in animation or rigging? This is also not a UV image.

(yogyog) #2

Could we see a screenshot?

(Yukari) #3

Oh, I can attach the whole file. :sunglasses:
Here it is.

(yogyog) #4

Hmmm… I guess you could give the muzzle it’s own bone, and mirror it when the camera moves to the other side. This will work fine unless your using motion-blur. You could have two alternate muzzles, and maybe a third with the mouth in the middle used for tweening, and you can turn on and off whether these objects render, and attach that to a driver. You could also re-build the muzzle with the mouth in the middle, and then stretch the mouth to the side using a bone or a shapekey.

(Yukari) #5

Hm, okay, I’ll try that!

(Yukari) #6

Hmm… I’m still having a bit of trouble with it… I also tried mirroring the entire model and then keyframing it both flipped and not flipped, but it stayed mirrored…

(yogyog) #7

The muzzle is attached to it’s own bone… when the camera moves to the other side the muzzle bone scales to -1 along local (whatever will mirror it)

(Yukari) #8

Yes, but how can I keyframe it when it’s mirrored? I tried scaling but then the mesh stayed mirrored.

(yogyog) #9

Muzzle.blend (1.1 MB)

You have to scale just along X by -1. Select bone and press S, X, -, 1, Enter.

(Yukari) #10

Awesome! It finally works!!! Now all I still have a question about is how to flip the muzzle as if it were on the x axis when the model is not lined up with it.

(yogyog) #11

I assume that this bone is going to be parented to the head bone.

You can always mirror along LOCAL y, no matter the angle of the head.