Mirroring faces

I’m modeling some airplanes, so I want to build the left wing, then duplicate it and mirror it to the right side of the model. Same with the tail and other components.

When I mirror the faces, they mirror on an axis that’s centered on the faces, not the center-line of the airplane. How can I change the mirror axis to be the center-line of the airplane?


If the center of your airplane is the center of the world (x:0 y:0 z:0)
you could simply use a mirror modifier.
If you just want to mirror some parts, place the cursor to the center of your plane and switch to 3Dcursor as pivot in the header of the 3DView.
Then it will mirror around the Cursor.


Before you mirror, change the Pivot point (at the bottom of the 3D view) from Median point to 3D cursor. Make sure your cursor is centered (Shift-C will do).

Thanks matt, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks also patel.