Mirroring hair

I am trying to make hair although i ran into a problem. I am using particles and weight painting to control it. I pressed “x-axis mirror” in the weight painting panel. Although, the particles are not appearing on both sides. They are only appearing on one side. Does anyone know why this happening?

Maybe this is a silly question, but the Mesh is not a mirrored one (with a mirror modifier attached for example)?

Ya, i have a mirror modifier. But it is not mirroring the particles, only the weight paint.

If you have a mirror modifier on your particle basemesh you should apply it first.
Then the particles are on both sides.

I don’t know why, but the particle modifier does not respect the mirror modifier

Okay, thanks. I guess i will just have to finish modeling the mesh before i get my particles. I do not want to add my mirror modifier now.