mirroring hair

I have a half model and I set the hair particles up on it how I want them. I apply a mirror modifier and the particles go crazy so they are obviously not mirroring symetricly on the other side how I had hoped. Is there any way to accomplish this or do I have to apply my mirror and create the particle hair asymetricly?

I’m a newbie at particles and hair, but I think you need to click the ‘X-mirror’ button on the tools menu, not apply a mirror modifier. After you’ve set your hair emitter, delete half the hair, select remaining hair and x-copy, then select X-mirror. That should allow any work you do on one half to be mirrored to the other half.

Apply mirror modifier before starting particle work. Then create particles. In particle edit mode you can box select half of the particles and delete them and then choose to mirror them in the T panel.