Mirroring help

Hi guys

Could someone help me with a mirroring question please.

I have the Blender 2.3 guide, in that it says your supposed to duplicate and mirror (using the M key) but in some forum posts I have seen the Mirror Modifier used.

Now I have done it with the Mirror Modifier, but i,m not sure if its correct.

Basically, I just started with a box, deleted the inner face of where the join should be, used the mirror modifier and the CTRL MOVED the mirrored box so its on the correct side of the cube, exactly on the grid.


Is this the correct way of doing it?, I will then modify the box to make a face etc.

And also, when I have finished it and want to Animate it, whats the correct process of joining the two halfs? go into Object Mode and apply the Mirror Modifier?

Thanks guys

funny… i just wrote a lot of text and it didn’t submit it… now i’ll start over again, this time short:

on the pic it seems you’ve done it correct.

the mirror-modifier is a very handy tool since it updates the other half real-time, also it merges the vertices from both sides of the mesh in the center plane whatever the axis you’ve chosen, so you will get a natural flow on the mesh when subdividing. the old way when you just duplicated/mirrored the half you’d have to merge the vertices in the center manually or you would have an ugly crease in subsurfing or not connected faces on normal mode.

there’s also a Clipping-button on the modifier which is very useful when you don’t want the vertices on the mirroring-plane to move sideways(if axis set to x) and gives you less trouble when moving vertices i.e. with proportional tool. this let’s you keep the mesh merged and solid from the center.

if you don’t have the vertices exactly on the mirror plane inside the threshold limit (0.0010 by default) you can always bump it up to get the mirroring vertices to merge. but be aware that it might merge undesired vertices aswell if you set the limit too high.

when animating you should apply the mirror modifier if you want both of the halves of the mesh to be moved by different bones. if you don’t apply the mirror-modifier making it a full mesh, you would move both of the halves of mesh with a bone on just one side. on organic modelling this is not very desirable since you’d have no control over invidividual limbs.

also remember to backup your half-mesh when you need to modify it later (both sides). or if you later need to edit the mesh and want it edit it mirrored you would have to delete the other side of the mesh and apply the mirror-modifier again.

hope this helps,

  • tomi