Mirroring IPOs

I notice that the mirror function doesnt seem to exist in the IPO window. Is there a way besides MKEY or Skey, -1? If not, would it be possible to code this fairly easily? It is a tool that I need badly.


duplicate your ipo, then press [x] or [y] to mirror along that axis…

er… well, it worked in 2.34…


maybe im doing something wrong…but that doesnt work at all. x deletes curves and y doesnt seem to do anything…

You have to do the S-X trick in IPO Edit Mode.


any chance of the mirror function being added to the IPO window? (the s trick works, btw) For continuitie’s sake?

Yup, lots of chance. Someone just have to get around to doing it.


maybe a certain theeth would get around to doing it…please? :slight_smile: :wink:

What is the S-X trick? I tried shift-x and s key-x and can’t get a mirror of an ipo. Am I doing something wrong?

Skey than Xkey/Ykey to flip on that axis.


Thanks a lot. That saved me a lot of moving everything around manually - a great timesaver!