mirroring problem

hi :slight_smile:
i’ve got a problem: i want to model a symmetric object, i start with a cube, dupe it with alt+d (instead of shift+d) and it get duped…then i want to mirror it, so i enter edit mode,A-key, i put curson on 3d mode, m-key and i rotate it, but the original mesh rotate too :o . how to solve this?
another little question: i want to put left part of the mesh in wireframe, and right part solid ( z-key like) how can i do this?
on the online manual the mirroring section is obsolete :expressionless:
ty and sry for my english


YOu must mirror it in ObjectMode

By NKEY and setting to -1 sizex (or y or z)

And for the second question, try setting drawmode to wire in Object Context panes.

I’m pretty sure online doc has correct mirroring… can you point me to the wrong page?


wow it worked :smiley: http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/x2223.html
here’s the page… if i press s then n doesn’t works (no windows shows up for inserting values :> )

That page is correct, no windows must show… But the numbers on the 3D Window header become editable :wink:


mm if i click on them returns the normal panel :-?

You can also mirror in Object mode with Ctrl-M.


here doesn’t works… blender 2.32

here doesn’t works… blender 2.32[/quote]

no but it works from Blender 2.33a at least…(latest official when writing this), that mirror mode which theeth meantions, is the easiest way to mirror a copied (duplicated) object…that’s what I think :slight_smile:


ebuild is marker -x86, i’ll wait for ~x86 before updating :wink: