Mirroring - Someone sort out this out.

I am interested in making faces, so I looked for a face modelling tutorial.

I found one:

I started it, and was going good until I got to step 5:

delete half of the face (a). Select all the vertice (A-KEY), copy them (SHIFT+D) and mirror them (S-KEY, X-KEY). Then move the copied half-face (b). Now select all the vertice except those to join and press the Hide button. Select the vertice four by four with the B-KEY, and make face (F-KEY). Tip: to make things easier, you can turn on the Draw Faces button and rotate the 3D view while you make faces. Be sure to close all faces! (c1 and c2)

I did what it said but whenever I pressed s then x key it went into scaling mode.

So I looked through the knowledge base and found this:

There is a huge debate, on what to do. [!]

So . . .

Can someone please tell me in Step-by-step easy to understand instructions, how to mirror. If you could that would be much appreciated.

Oh and I am using version 2.33a :wink:

Thanks :smiley:

To answer your question there are two ways to mirror.

First of all (and probably best) is to take your model, delete the half you don’t want, then snap (shift+s, cursor to selection) the cursor to a vertice on the middle edge. Then change the scaling to be around the 3D cursor. Then once you duplicate you can either press ‘s’ then ‘x’ then ‘1’ then ‘-’ (yes minus sign) or just press m then select the axis (most likely x, but not neccesarily). Make sure to remove doubles and weld any vertices that don’t connect properly.

Also, that tutorial is quite old. It is the first face modelling tutorial I looked at too, but now that we know a whole lot more about edge loops, its wise to use edgeloops. http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21066&highlight=face Look at that to see proper edge loops. The current tutorial your following isn’t bad, its just kind of a long way to go about things.

To mirror (in recent Blender versions):

Ctrl M - (Object -> Mirror -> … or Mesh -> Mirror -> …)

Simple as that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help everyone I will try it out now. :smiley:

Tried it.

It kinda worked.

But how do I duplicate an object (Shift-D) then mirror it (Ctrl-M) then cut it in half to match the other side.

So that it looks like this:


Oh and do you know of another good face tutorial, Musicman? :-?

Thanks 8)

Maybe the 3D cursor was not aligned to the center. Make sure you move the cursor to the origin with Shift+C. Use the “.” key first so that mirroring takes place about the 3D cursor and hit Ctrl+M and select the axis. Use A-key to select all vertices, then W5 to remove doubles. Finally switch back with “,” key so scaling, rotation is done about the center of selection instead of the cursor.

Thankyou for your help everyone. :smiley: