Mirroring vertex groups

Hello everybody,
I have a question about mirroring vertex groups. I am at the moment working on a model where I need to animate a lot of joints in the legs: Castor bean tick - Ixodes ricinus . At this point it is only modelled on one side using a mirror modifer. All segments of the legs are specific vertex groups (I attached a simple file to visualise what I mean). If I apply the modifier the group will contain the vertices on both sides of the mirror axis instead of creating two different groups for left and right Test_Vertex_Groups.blend (572.3 KB)
My question is: Can I mirror all vertex groups at once so that I have for every segment of the leg a differnet group on the left and on the right side? I read something that it might work if I put .L or .R at the end of the group name but ouldn’t figure out how it works.
I also found this solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2CK7kcV3rc But It has to be done for each group at a time, right? This would takke me ages since I will have more than 30 groups to mirror.